Jakub Jehlik

Explore your potential

I help people bring clarity to their decision making and moving forward with clear intention.

Individual Coaching sessions

Career Change

Are you looking for new challenge, need to recalibrate or not sure what direction to go next?

Vision and Strategy

Thinking longterm helps you with to overcome current struggle and  is key to unlocking new horizons 


Being your own boss is amazing feeling but also can bring uncertainty. Are you read for the ride?


People are complex, and people are different. There is no single approach which makes your great leader but getting to know yourself can improve your decision making and insight.

Self Improvement

If you want to get better at something, you must first know where you stand

Self Awareness

Seeking honest feedback from loving critics helps you to become more self aware and better leader

Confidence and Mindset

When you have healthy self confidence you trust your abilities even when others don’t. You also learn from your mistakes faster.


Connecting with other people in a meaningful way, being physically active and other aspects of life makes thrive as human beings

About Me

I’m Jakub Jehlik.
I Help People to reveal purpose, clarity and support them on their Journey

Having a deep listener who is asking the right questions at right time is priceless.


What Clients Are Saying

“Jakub has a great way of coaching which tries to get to the core and deep understanding on his side. He helped me a lot and saved me tons of time! Very recommendable!”

Paul L.

“This session encouraged me a lot regarding my new business idea. Jakub is an inspiring person and I got plenty of useful questions to think about, a lot of homework and a cool methodology to clarify my goals and how to reach them. And all of this within less than an hour. Appreciate it and I'll definitely book another session in a couple of months to report my progress..”


"It was an excellent session in terms of learning, exchanging ideas and networking. Highly recommended if case you need some valuable advice."

Muhammad A.

I appreciate Jakub's dedication, he is a great listener, and I felt comfortable sharing my concerns and aspirations with him. Jakub's passion for helping people succeed was evident throughout the session, and I felt motivated and inspired to take action towards my goals.


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