About me

Hi, I’m Jakub, currently living in Prague. I do IT consulting and coaching. I also enjoy individual sports, dog training, podcasts and reading.

My first encounter with coaching was when I was at a professional and, to some degree, personal crossroads. I was always used to having a plan and a clear path forward. This time, no matter how hard I tried to analyse it or take a break from it, I was not finding a clear path forward.

I had a chance to have a couple of coaching sessions and discovered the sheer power of having a good neutral but supportive listener and a safe space for myself to talk through the situation, where an action plan emerged at the end. It was a very empowering and calming experience.

These situations appeared to a lesser extent in my whole career. When I was mentoring my junior colleagues, I asked inquisitive questions to a customer so we could both understand what was relevant or discuss complex situations with friends and family. I believe that everyone can benefit from the coaching mindset because it directly corresponds with openness, patience, being a good listener and many other traits which make our life better.