Coaching / Consultations

Are you looking for 1:1 coaching to bring clarity and move with intention?  

Would you like to have more insight into your current situation or decision making?

Are you changing careers or moving to freelance and looking for guidance? 

How it Works ? 

You can schedule  screening call if you have any questions or want to make sure the session would match your needs. Usually it take around 10 -15 minutes.

Or you can schedule a full coaching session right away and provide me some context in the booking message. Which lasts about an hour but the timing is not strict. There is always a buffer.

Got any other questions? Please use the Form on the bottom of this page.


My session with Jakub was excellent; his mentorship and coaching style is second to none! He’s able to ask the right questions at the right time and help you come to terms with your goals and objectives on your own. That is what mentorship should be! I got so much out of our session; I felt energised and supported. I am planning a follow-up session with him next month!”


“This session encouraged me a lot regarding my new business idea. Jakub is an inspiring person and I got plenty of useful questions to think about, a lot of homework and a cool methodology to clarify my goals and how to reach them. And all of this within less than an hour. Appreciate it and I’ll definitely book another session in a couple of months to report my progress..”


“It was an excellent session in terms of learning, exchanging ideas and networking. Highly recommended if case you need some valuable advice.”


I appreciate Jakub’s dedication, he is a great listener, and I felt comfortable sharing my concerns and aspirations with him. Jakub’s passion for helping people succeed was evident throughout the session, and I felt motivated and inspired to take action towards my goals.


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Is coaching right for you?