Is your goal really yours?

Since our childhood, we often follow patterns that society deems optimal for the average person to fit in, be productive, and not disturb others too much.

It is up to our parents or guardians to imprint values such as a deep sense of self-worth, confidence, kindness, compassion, and other character traits that provide solid ground to build on.

These values can only be imprinted by the fact that those closest to us live them, at least to some degree.

When this does not happen, we often turn to broader society for help. It is, however, rare that these underlying qualities are broadly and quickly found in our institutions.

Thus, even our goals and aspirations are just less potent versions of what we are seeking deep within.

We can start exploring layers beyond the surface by allowing ourselves to ask what it is that we want. Giving ourselves permission to feel and think however we want seems so explicit and obvious, but due to the structures we live in, it is often not even considered.

Another great way to explore is through a sense of playfulness and joy. When did we feel most joyful in our lives? What were the happiest moments we experienced?

If we take the results of our two experiments above, is our goal still resonating with us? Does it spark joy?

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